I was born in Tehran, Iran. I was interested in art from my childhood while the war between my country and Iraq. I was always a part of art projects at school. After high school, I took art in university and studied painting and animation. The digital world opened a new view in front of my eyes even though I enjoyed life painting. DSLR photography became a focus and I found new artistic freedom photography and editing in Photoshop. I worked commercially as a photographer for over 10 years while I continued to exhibit my paintings. I also worked with other media in my exhibitions such as video art, installation, concept art and text.


I believe in combining beauty and a deep technical skill in my art to share the important inner meaning of art with an audience. My work in Iran spoke about justice, forcing teenagers to marry, women’s rights, poverty, illness, wars and natural disasters.


In 2017, I immigrated to Canada with my 7-year-old daughter. Coming to the western world, which while it has its problems, is fundamentally a free and peaceful place, I realized the injustice in the world even more than before. I see how arbitrary things like geographic borders and currency make a big difference in the quality of life for people around the world. Today, I continue to experiment and work in digital, working with concept art and animation, one more time re-inventing myself through my new life in Vancouver.




  Solo exhibitions

  • Resilience: photography and digital art, performance - 2019- open house- Vancouver- Canada
  • Event: painting, installation, concept art- 2017-Negar gallery-Tehran-Iran
  • The doll: painting, installation, video art- 2016- Saye gallery- Tehran-Iran
  • Justice: painting- 2016- Ehsan gallery- Tehran-Iran
  • Portrait: painting&drawing- 2007- Ershad gallery- Karaj-Iran
  •  Life Story: painting&drawing- 2006- Jelve gallery- Karaj-Iran

          Group exhibitions

  • No borders: Installation, video art- 2018- ESG- Vancouver,Canada
  • 49th Open International Juried ExhibitionPainting, http://shop.societyofcanadianartists.com/artpieces/the-doll-ii/ - 2017- SCA Society of Canadian Artists- Toronto,CanadYearly:
  • Painting- 2017- Saye gallery- Tehran-Iran
  • 3 maja: Painting- http://stolemowa-galeria.pl/kategoria-produktu/malarze/sahel-talischi/ -2017- Gniewino gallery- Poland
  • Spring expo: painting- 2017- Negar gallery- Tehran-Iran